LJ Hooker Ahead With Technology

With huge growth in technology throughout the world in the past ten years, not only is it hard to keep up with for our average users but even more difficult to get ahead and stand out from the crowd in an already busy space.
When it comes to real estate in a flourishing market, sellers are spending less time on the market and often questioning whether they should of waited for that mainland buyer that couldn’t view the house until tomorrow before accepting their offer.
LJ Hooker Launceston has stepped out from the crowd with a simple solution for the time poor buyers which can not view inside a property.

LJ Hooker Launceston is the first office to connect with buyers in a virtual reality world. To put it in a nut shell – imagine you are in Sydney and able to meet the agent of a property you are interested in buying in the living room of that property in Tasmania without leaving your apartment. This is where the world is heading and at LJ Hooker Launceston we are there and seeing some great results whilst saving a lot of buyers time.

Basically you can meet your agent in the property, discuss the features of the home whilst pointing them out throughout the tour of the home with out the buyer having to get on a plane to visit the property. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!!

This is great for buyers and even better for sellers in the property market to the point of buyers from all over the world being able to get a virtual tour with the agent and sellers not missing out on any potential buyers that may lack in time but looking to invest in property.

Whether you are intrigued and curious or simply want to experience taking a tour of a property from our office, simply call into 309 Invermay Road, Mowbray (LJ Hooker Launceston) and take a tour of a launceston property in virtual reality..

Buying and Selling Property Has Reached A New Era

vr pic

To find out more about the virtual reality  experience when selling or buying, contact today…….



Have You Purchased A Property This Year? You May Be Eligible For A Stamp Duty Concession!!

Heads up property buyers out there that are either pensioners or first home buyers. It has recently been announced (quietly) that if you are a pensioner that has sold your existing home and purchased another home after February the 10th 2018 and the purchase price is under $400,000, you are eligible for a 50% discount on your stamp duty.

Requirements for Pensioners:
– Must be aged 60 or over
– Hold a pension concession card
– Receive a DVA special rate pension
– Hold a commonwealth seniors health card
Must have occupied the former home for  a minimum of 6 months
Intend on living in the new home for 6 months and commence within 12 motnhs after purchase
Must ensure the new home is is in the same name as the former home prior to transfer
The eligible pensioner must only owner the former home or new home on date of transaction

If you are a first home owner, you are also entitled to a concession of a similar nature. If you have purchased your first home and it was after the 7th of Feb 2018, the price of the home was under $400,000 makes you eligible for a 50% discount also.

Requirements For First home Owner
Must not be a company
Over the age of 18
Australian citizen or resident – one on the application must meet this criteria
You or spouse must not of owned a home before in Australia
Must Live in home for at least 6 months commencing within 12 months of ownership
You must not of received a first home owners grant or the duty concession previously.

If you have purchased a property early February in Tasmania, you may well be eligible and to find out more, please contact myself or simply follow the link for further information

How to apply

>>First home Owners Duty Concession<<

>>Pensioners Downsizing Duty Concession<<

>>Contact Justin Goebel<<

Do it…. Spoil yourself in this beautiful Bridport getaway.


Absolute quality throughout the home of 10 Andrew Place with the setting in an idealistic and picturesque location overlooking the beautiful waters of Bridport, Barnbougle golf course and towards the beautiful flinders island. Approximately 12 months old, the home gives you a low maintenance approach to living giving you the perfect getaway on the weekends or simply somewhere to call home, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


With a lemon spotted gum flooring throughout the high traffic areas, commending the open plan setup from living room to dining and kitchen, and sliding glass doors opening to the front deck, you can be rest assured that these features will put a smile on your face for years to come.

33 - Copy

43 - Copy

41 - Copy

Offering a total of three bedrooms, two generous sized bathrooms with built inn wardrobes down stairs with loads of further cupboard space along with a large walk inn wardrobe off the main bedroom upstairs.




The home boasts double glazed windows throughout giving you a large saving in heating and cooling throughout the year and heated with a nector wood heater.


Externally the home has an obvious street appeal that draws you in two decked entertainment areas, loads of off street parking and a huge garage plus a conjoined studio plus a garage off the home giving you internal access.

7 - Copy

10 - Copy

Simply a magical home with outstanding views on a low maintenance parcel of land, and can all be yours!! Contact today to book your inspection.

Price and more – 10 Andrews Place Bridport Tas 7262 https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-tas-bridport-128196366


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Rúguǒ nǐ zhèngzài kǎolǜ yīgè fùdān dé qǐ de tóuzī jīhuì. Tǎ sī mǎ ní yǎ tōngcháng huì xiǎngdào, yīnwèi wùyè bǐ àodàlìyǎ mùqián de píngjūn shuǐpíng piányí, zūjīn shōuyì lǜ yǐ zuìdī de fèiyòng wèi nín tígōng tóuzī fāngshì, ér zūhù zhǐ xū zhīfù tuìxiū jīn.

270 - Copy

271 - Copy


Mùqián, xī tiān mǎlù 253 hào yǐ yǒuyī míng zū kè, zūyuē shèngyú shíjiān bùzú 3 nián, měi zhōu zūjīn shōurù 320 měiyuán, kě wéi nín dài lái yuē 7%de zǒng shōuyì.

262 - Copy




Tígōng yīgè 800 píngfāng mǐ de tǔdì, yīgè xiǎo de dī wéihù hòuyuàn, tóngshí nèibù tígōng 3 dào 4 jiān wòshì, yīgè gēngxīn de chúfáng, zài fángchǎn qiánmiàn yǒu yīgè mù zhì jiǎbǎn, ràng nín kěyǐ xīnshǎng gāo'ěrfū qiúchǎng de fēngjǐng, kàojìn xīn de wūdǐng hé páishuǐ gōu, ér bùshì dào fùjìn de gòuwù zhòng xīn sànbù hěn jìn.




276 - Copy



3 Home Street For Sale

Considering buying a home in a sort after suburb of Launceston??168sky - Copy

3 home Street is just waiting for the next owner to add their stamp and call their own home.


Giving you an updated kitchen



3 generous sized bedrooms with built inn wardrobes



189Polished boards throughout the home to the living area



As well as a private rear yard consisting of plenty of off street parking and an undercover entertainment area.



To find out more or book your inspection, contact today!!

Harmony Day In Newnham

Harmony Day celebrations aim to bring northern Tasmania’s diverse range of communities together to celebrate and learn more about cultural, economic and social diversity in the local community. As in previous years, the University of Tasmania and TUU are planning a student and family friendly evening of food, entertainment, and fun activities for kids. The following weekend will consist of a community soccer tournament that is open to everyone.

The event starts on March the 17th and finishes on the 18th running throughout the day giving attendees a slice of cultural differences and an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic weekend in Newnham.

>>Last years event<<


Invermay Cottage For Sale

7 Esk Street, Invermay has just hit the market giving you an opportunity to live on the cusp of Invermay neighboring the North Esk River and a literally foot steps from Launcestons CBD.


Offering an updated kitchen with a small low maintenance rear yard.


Generous sized bedrooms and a private sun room at the front of the home



Offering a total of 3 bedrooms, 1 living area and plenty of potential to increase capital value.



$239,000 – $259,000

Enquire Today to fond out more about this opportunistic Invermay Cottage.


https://www.bushby.com.au/listings/residential_sale-1353081-invermay/ – view on bushby.com