Plenty of buyers in Launceston


What a fantastic few months in real estate sales we have experienced in the past 5- 6 months throughout the north of the state. With some very happy property owners cashing in on our investors from the larger part of Australia, as well as very happy purchasers which are able to afford to invest in property throughout Tasmania due to being much more affordable than inner Sydney and Melbourne as well as your average property generating a reasonable rental return, makes the whole process worthwhile. A recent investor of which I have had a conversation with has pretty much put it in a nut shell – the bank is giving virtually no returns for cash in the bank, I need to spend well over a million to get into the market where I live and even then – the returns just do not make it viable, hence searching further a field for somewhere to invest my money. Of which some of these buyers are flying back home after purchasing half a dozen properties generating  a great income stream for them.

Launceston is pumping – click here

As a lot of us know, high returns generally means high risk, always something to be careful of, always good to do your research and if you are not from the area you are investing in, find a local you can trust of which can advise you through the process of finding a property that will suit your needs before purchasing.

Research today and buy tomorrow – to discuss further please feel free to contact myself, Justin Goebel simply by clicking this link…




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