After 5 years plus in real estate I have decided to build a website to keep property sellers and buyers up to scratch with what is happening in the local property market as well as giving ideas and different approaches that you can take when selling or purchasing property. Throughout the blogs you will find hyperlinks such as realestate for sale which will lead you to properties of which i currently have on the market. Other links such as local newsletter which will lead you through to my recent real estate newsletter.
Current up to date information always helps you make informed decisions on whether to purchase now or hold off for a future date to help you gain capital value in a shorter time frame of which information such as the trend of median prices and what is happening in your community in the future which would attract people to buying in the area.Propertyology-Launceston-property-market.jpg

As you can see on the graph provided by propertyology of Launceston, the huge spike in 2002/2003 saw alot of property owners gaining an incredible amount of capital growth with the recent 2013 onward median sales heading in a more positive direction. Although no one has a crystal ball, hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. if you have any realestate queries please feel free to email me. Justin Goebel

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